The best yet!


Take a look at those bad boys! Talk about GUNS!

I am seeing the best progress I ever have in my arms, and I couldn’t be more psyched to finally see some toning! Seeing the product of months of hard work feels really great!

Picture 1 – April 6th

Picture 2 – April 25th

Picture 3 – May 18th

Picture 4 – Yesterday, July 18th

Now I just need to master my other problem areas and I will be ready to go on vacation and run through the sandy beaches of Mexico like I am on Baywatch. It’s happening, I’m determined.

Starting to see some definition!


It’s very exciting to see your hard work pay off.

I am always amused by the people at the gym who spend more time staring at themselves in the mirror as they flex than they do working out. It’s like… who are you trying to impress, can’t get enough of yourself? HOWEVER, while I was doing one of my lifts today, I noticed in the mirror the slightest hint of unfamiliar definition in my arms! I found myself looking around to see if anyone was watching, then flexing my biceps and sneaking a peek at myself. It’s not a whole lot, but it is way better than the flabby arms I looked at sulkily in February.

Today was an arms day at the gym. I did 5 sets of chest presses, 6 sets of close-grip chest presses, 5 sets incline dumbbell curls, 6 sets cable curls, 5 sets of a lateral raise/front/press combination, and of course 5 sets of a weighted glute bridge to get the ass burning. This was all followed by a 20 minutes stationary bike ride, 5.19 miles. Overall a great workout!

Tomorrow is my challenge day at the gym which includes many weighted walking lunges and deadlifts. I am strangely looking forward to it. Happy almost Friday!