Workout Log


I finally invested in a workout log!

I got this gem from, and am so excited to use it! Bye bye scrap paper, hello organization! Every day, I would write out every single workout on a tearsheet – every set, every rep, minutes, etc. They are EVERYWHERE and are never put to good use. What’s the point of logging things when you’re just going to lose track of everything? I used to write everything down on paper and then type it all out onto a shared spreadsheet with my trainer. That got tedious REALLY fast. After months of madness, I can finally have everything in one place without having to rewrite it all.

This is also the perfect fitness diary for someone who does more than just cardio, allowing me to track my progress over time. I will use it to not only keep track of distance/time with my biking and running, but also how much weight I can lift with each type of strength training workout. It even has a section to log your supplements and food intake. Hooray!


7 thoughts on “Workout Log

  1. jaredrexclark

    That is very detailed and I can see that helping you out. Currently I am doing a 5 week program that I found online, and that has helped a ton. However, once that program has ended I could see something like this being a big help. Even now, it could help me keep records of the number of reps I do, etc. Thanks for sharing

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