30lbs down!

20130913-125722.jpgLook at that slope! I am officially down 30lbs!

I hit this goal earlier this week, but didn’t want to commit to it until I maintained it for a little while.

I wasn’t sure that I would ever see this kind of progress, and I am so happy that I stuck with my goals and listened to the words of encouragement around me. I have had a lot of support, and I owe a big thank you to my boyfriend/trainer that told me I could achieve anything I wanted if I stuck with it and was patient. I was certain that my body was stuck in a rut and often became disappointed when I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. But, he constantly told me otherwise. He has pushed, supported, educated and encouraged me to no end, and I honestly am not sure that I would have been able to get this far without him. That’s a great partner. I am forever grateful and I am truly a lucky gal.

Now to tone up!

10 thoughts on “30lbs down!

      • jaredrexclark


        I have recently started my own journey of losing some extra weight and getting back in better overall shape. Hearing and reading other peoples stories only helps me stay after it.


      • katiefoley11

        Hi Jared – congrats on starting your weight-loss journey! Reading other people’s blogs throughout my own has definitely kept me driven. I hope that you find some motivation and guidance in mine! Good luck!

      • jaredrexclark


        It seems like their are a lot of blogs written trying to sell you something or towards some business website, so I really enjoy reading blogs written by your every-day person….I hope that makes sense.

        Thanks again, and I wish you the best as you keep going down your personal journey.

      • katiefoley11

        I absolutely know what you mean! It’s much more inspiring and interesting (and realistic) to read real stories rather than “this is what you need to do to lose weight, but first… buy this product!”

        Thanks, you as well šŸ™‚

      • jaredrexclark

        HAHA, I completely agree. I am new to the blogging world, but it is crazy to me how many blogs their are pushing something.

        Thanks for following my blog and I am now following you.


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