Morning Burn

I had another successful gym session at the ass-crack of dawn this morning! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get up because I fell asleep no earlier than 1AM last night (this morning). Why was I up so late if I was waking up at 4:30 you ask? Oh, you know, just agonizing like a maniac over what I was going to do at the gym at 5AM. WHY. Who loses sleep over that??

Lucky for me, my oh-so-wonderful trainer dropped everything he was doing to come up with a really hard workout for me to do so that I could stop stressing like a freak and get some shut-eye.

And hard it was.

I have been trying to incorporate more super-setting into my workouts, so today I was assigned just that. I super-setted dumbbell rows with push-ups, pull-downs (probably not the technical term, but I don’t know what is) with bicep dumbbell curls, and squeezed assisted pull-ups, single leg deadlifts, hamstring curls, and a weighted ab workout in between.


By the time I got to the pull-down/dumbbell curl combo, I felt like I was walking on death row. WHAT IS HE DOING TO ME?? THIS IS HOW HE IS GETTING RID OF ME?? I thought.

Despite the feeling of my muscles tearing and an impending puke, I trucked through it. I lifted a decent amount of weight and was psyched when I would hop on a machine and have to add-on some pounds to what was left there from the last person. That’s always an exciting feeling!

In addition to the extreme exercises, I am concentrating more on my diet. I am eating a lot more fruit, and eating small and frequently.

I am at my lowest weight… almost 26lbs down. My goal is to hit 30-32 by the time I go to Mexico mid-September. I hope I can do it!

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