Couples Who Run Together, Stay Together

There are no words to describe the soreness I felt this weekend.

Thursday night: Shoulder weight training, ran 2 miles on the treadmill

Friday morning: 2 mile morning run outside

Friday night: New ab workouts and a 1 mile run on the treadmill

Saturday morning: 2.7 mile run outside

Between being the end of the week, doing double workouts, and running more frequently than I am used to.. my body felt annihilated. I am still recovering! My abs feel like they are being torn from my torso every time I laugh, turn over in bed, sit up… breath. My legs felt like there were daggers jabbing them from all angles. My shoulders felt like they were dislocated from the rest of my body. Basically… a train could have hit me and my body would feel better. Dramatic? Perhaps, but it hurts!!

I went to visit the boyfriend/trainer over the weekend and he did everything on Friday night and Saturday morning right alongside me. Anyone who ran track knows there is a huge difference between sprinters and long distance runners. While I ran long distance, he was a serious sprinter. Before our 2.7 mile run on Saturday morning, he hadn’t ever run more than a mile! Yet – being the natural athlete that he is – he ran it better than I did! Much to my dismay… though I can’t say I was surprised.

20130722-134257.jpgMy legs literally felt like they were going to fall off before we even reached the first mile. They were so shot from having done weight training, a spinning class, and all sorts of running during the week. I even got a charlie horse!

While I had to walk for a few seconds a couple of times, he pushed me through it and talked me down each time. It was so helpful to have someone beside me telling me to push through it, to ignore the pain, and to just tell myself that I was almost to the end. It was the best distraction. If I could have him during every run, I would be ready to run my first half marathon in like a month’s time!

They say that couples who run together, stay together!

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