5k Success!


This past Saturday I ran my very first 5k race and had a blast!

My friend (left) and I were on the road for the Color Me Rad 5k outside of Boston by 4:45am, and were running by 8:10. The course was on the Brockton fairgrounds and was AWESOME. During the run, there are “Color Bomb Squads” that throw/squirt you with paint as you run by. You start off in white and end as a multi-colored awesome mess.

We signed up for it about 3 months ago, and the experience alone was SO worth the $40 donation to the Special Olympics of Massachusetts. In addition to a good time, you get an awesome blue t-shirt with the Color Me Rad logo, a pair of fluorescent sunglasses to keep the paint out of your eyes (super smart idea), a “RAD” tattoo, a paint packet and the race bib.


There were about 10 heats and hundreds of participants in each. Prior to your race time, there was a stage area set up where a DJ would hold contests, play music and throw paint bombs into the crowd to get everyone hyped up.

During the race, there were 5 “Color Bomb Squads” set up at different points, where they would throw handfuls of powdered paint at you or squirt you with dyed water as you ran by. I went out of my way to run directly in front of the hoses to cool off.

Though I had been training for it, I was still nervous that I wouldn’t do well or that maybe I wouldn’t be able to run through the whole thing. I tend to start too fast, ruining my pace. I surprised myself by running the whole thing and feeling like I could have kept going!

I actually ended up running most of the race on my own, jogging the first half so my friend wouldn’t lose sight of me when she needed to walk, and then finishing a little faster about 1.5 miles in once I did actually lose her. I finished at 34 minutes and some change, which I think I could probably have cut down to about 30 if it weren’t for the jogging or the color stations (where the crowds tend to slow down a little). My brothers, who are both avid runners, told me that 34 was a great time for a first time 5k themed run. Nice to hear!

I am so happy with how I did. Feels good to meet a goal!

I am already thinking about which race I am going to sign up for next! I need something else to train for!

Couples Who Run Together, Stay Together

There are no words to describe the soreness I felt this weekend.

Thursday night: Shoulder weight training, ran 2 miles on the treadmill

Friday morning: 2 mile morning run outside

Friday night: New ab workouts and a 1 mile run on the treadmill

Saturday morning: 2.7 mile run outside

Between being the end of the week, doing double workouts, and running more frequently than I am used to.. my body felt annihilated. I am still recovering! My abs feel like they are being torn from my torso every time I laugh, turn over in bed, sit up… breath. My legs felt like there were daggers jabbing them from all angles. My shoulders felt like they were dislocated from the rest of my body. Basically… a train could have hit me and my body would feel better. Dramatic? Perhaps, but it hurts!!

I went to visit the boyfriend/trainer over the weekend and he did everything on Friday night and Saturday morning right alongside me. Anyone who ran track knows there is a huge difference between sprinters and long distance runners. While I ran long distance, he was a serious sprinter. Before our 2.7 mile run on Saturday morning, he hadn’t ever run more than a mile! Yet – being the natural athlete that he is – he ran it better than I did! Much to my dismay… though I can’t say I was surprised.

20130722-134257.jpgMy legs literally felt like they were going to fall off before we even reached the first mile. They were so shot from having done weight training, a spinning class, and all sorts of running during the week. I even got a charlie horse!

While I had to walk for a few seconds a couple of times, he pushed me through it and talked me down each time. It was so helpful to have someone beside me telling me to push through it, to ignore the pain, and to just tell myself that I was almost to the end. It was the best distraction. If I could have him during every run, I would be ready to run my first half marathon in like a month’s time!

They say that couples who run together, stay together!

The best yet!


Take a look at those bad boys! Talk about GUNS!

I am seeing the best progress I ever have in my arms, and I couldn’t be more psyched to finally see some toning! Seeing the product of months of hard work feels really great!

Picture 1 – April 6th

Picture 2 – April 25th

Picture 3 – May 18th

Picture 4 – Yesterday, July 18th

Now I just need to master my other problem areas and I will be ready to go on vacation and run through the sandy beaches of Mexico like I am on Baywatch. It’s happening, I’m determined.

Jelly Legs


Yesterday I completed my first double workout day…


I ran a little under 2.5 miles at 5:45AM, then did a 5:30PM spinning class at LA Fitness. The day before was a leg day so if yesterday afternoon’s hobbling around wasn’t enough… I’ve got plenty of that ahead of me today.

My legs are absolute jello. I swear! I have actually lost my balance and they have buckled awkwardly a couple of times while walking. Using the bathroom when I woke up this morning was quite the challenge.

I am feeling it, big time. But I am SO glad I did it.

I have done spinning classes before, but every instructor is different and it had been a while. I think I did a good job for my first time back on a bike and it was really nice to be in a class with people my age. The last few that I took were at the Y, and I was younger than everyone else in the class by at least 15-20 years. The instructor was so-so and while it was a good workout, I didn’t feel challenged. In this class, everyone was working really hard, the instructor was awesome and it motivated me that much more to push myself to my limits. During my ride I was sweating so much that I was thinking, “hell yea! There goes 20lbs!”

With the combination of my run, my spinning class, and my leg day the day before (squats and stuff), my muscles feel absolutely torn. I love it.

I can’t wait to take another class!


A lot is going on in my health and fitness life!

I am a little over 2lbs away from hitting a total loss of 25lbs, I just joined a new gym, and my Color Me Rad 5k Race is next weekend! Where did time go?

I didn’t blog when I first lost 20lbs because it took me a little bit of time to maintain it. I was seesawing between 19 and 22lbs for a couple of weeks before my body seemed to finally accept my protests and the fact that I wasn’t done losing weight! I hadn’t been doing much differently. Ate well, worked out regularly, the usual. I was confused. I started making smoothies with frozen fruit, almond milk, power peanut butter and protein powder and was convinced that that was my issue. It probably wasn’t. I just needed something to blame it on, I think. I also am running outside a little more which set back my strength training. That’s the likely reason.

Now I can proudly say that I am over 20lbs down and going strong!


No, this picture is not me. I sure wish it was! I peruse Instagram, Pinterest and a bunch of fitness blogs for motivation every so often.  I have decided that this is my goal body, and I will bust my butt til I get there! Healthy, toned and achievable with hard work. No belly button ring though, never been a fan of those.

I did a little before and after collage of my own on my phone and the difference is definitely noticeable. It’s a nice reminder of my hard work, and great motivation to keep working for more.

In other news, I am finally making the gym switch! I have been working out at my local YMCA for forever. I like it there, I like the people, I like not having to wait in line to use machines and all that jazz. However, I have felt a little limited and would like to be around like-minded people. The Y has wonderful regulars, but they are all much older than me and are there to walk around the track and chat with their long-time gym buddies. I want to be somewhere with people my age that are working toward the same goals! I’m also running close to the end of my family membership allowance.

That being said, the boyfriend added me to his account at LA Fitness yesterday (woohoo, discounts!), and off I went! It was definitely more crowded than I am used to (which I should have expected since I went during the peak hours), and I didn’t know anyone which was kind of a bummer. I am sure it will get better with time. I am definitely excited for something new!

Last, but surely not least, my first 5k is next Saturday! YIKES! I have been running regularly and don’t feel prepared yet, but by next week I think I will be in a good place. I have been giving morning runs a shot and will be doing my first double today! Ran this morning, gym this evening. There is a cycle class at the gym that I am hopefully going to give a try today after some quick weight training. You can find me at the BACK of the class!

Quiet Morning Run

I was SUPER productive this morning and went on a run at 6am. Who am I?? It felt WONDERFUL.

I have the Color Me Rad 5k in Boston this month and I HAVE to step my game up. I have been running at the gym much more frequently than I was at the beginning of my workout program. I have also been running in a park nearby my house on the weekends. However, I am definitely not in 5k shape yet and I am determined to get there, or as close to it as I can!


I set my alarm for 5:45am, unsure of whether or not I would actually get up. Much to my surprise, I sprung out of bed and was hitting the asphalt at 6 o’clock on the dot.

The air was cool after a lot of rain yesterday, and the streets were empty. It could not have been more perfect.

The route that I took is typically pretty busy, with heavy traffic on a regular basis, and people walking and biking on the sidewalks. I passed one other person and maybe four cars in total. The streets were mine. Excellent.

I only went 2.11 miles but that’s more than any other morning! I only walked for about 1-1.5 minutes which is progress, but I need to push myself to fight through the feeling of wanting to break for a moment.


There is something totally relaxing about running in the morning. It gives you a time to think and enjoy the peace while preparing for the rest of the day. I definitely need to do it more often. I feel so accomplished and my day has hardly started.

I got home and was drenched in sweat. Just the way I like it.

The plan is to hopefully hit the gym at the end of my work day. It’s supposed to be a leg day, with a few exercises that I have only tried once or twice. Maybe I will even run again. We’ll see how I feel by then.