Sore: The Most Satisfying Feeling


I LOVE being sore. Really, I do.

I went on a long run on Sunday afternoon (after going to the gym.. go me!) and my whole lower half is still feeling it. I have exercised twice since then which only added to my soreness. It’s been great.

Being sore after a good workout is such a rewarding feeling. Not only do you know that you had a great workout sesh, but it’s a sure sign that your muscles are rebuilding and preparing themselves for another ass whoopin’!

Today will be a break day for me, after having exercised the past three days in a row. I will be back at it tomorrow through (hopefully) Saturday. Work has been absolutely nutso the past couple of weeks, with many late nights making it difficult to get a really great workout in, or get to the gym at all. I am looking forward to my schedule being back to normal!

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