Ay dios mio, what a tough weekend!

I had a brutal weekend of exercise. I worked out with my trainer on Friday and Sunday and my entire body is burning. Shoulders and legs are COMPLETELY out of the question for today’s gym trip.


On Friday evening we did drop sets of a few different arm workouts. This consisted of doing three sets of the same lift at various weights, one right after the other, and counting it as one set.

For example:

Incline Chest Press

One set: 12 reps with 17.5lb dumbbells, 10 reps with 15lb dumbbells, 10 reps with 10lbs dumbbells.

Repeat x4 or 5 (I was exhausted enough after 3 that I don’t remember how many sets we did!)



Yesterday was a leg day. We didn’t have time to complete the entire workout and I still feel like I just ran a marathon without stretching (but I did stretch!). Deadlifts, squats and a couple other quickies.

After doing a quick warm up run on the treadmill (about 0.32 mile in 3 minutes), we stretched and did our push ups. I have always done mine on my knees, but finally gave real ones a shot this weekend and was able to do 13 yesterday! That was surprising and exciting!

We then began our strength training with stiff leg deadlifts. My last set ended up being my heaviest lift so far!


My trainer did the entire workout alongside me, which was nice. His deadlift warm up? 225lbs. Mine? …85lbs.

Usually I warm up with 75lbs total, 15 on each end of the barbell. Mr. Trainer, of course, made me start with more, 85lbs total, 20 on each end.

I added on 10-15lbs with each set, eventually ending with 145lbs at 5 or 6 lifts. The heaviest I had lifted prior to yesterday was 135. Progress! Let me tell you, my hamstrings, back and ass were (and still are) SO sore. I am hobbling around everywhere I go and am day dreaming about a nice hot bath.



After deadlifts we did squats. I have struggled a little bit with my form so we spent a good amount of time concentrating on getting my booty as low as I could and keeping my chest out. My hip limits me a little as I add weight, but when we practiced with just the barbell I did it perfectly. I am always afraid to go too low in fear of my hip popping out. Yuck, I know.


We did 4 sets of squats, ending at 135, 8 reps. I have squatted a little more than that before, but we decided not to go overboard yesterday.

In addition to the primary workouts, we did a few standing leg presses, and some leg lifts on the mats using a tension band. The exercises with the bands are meant to strengthen my hip in the long-run. They are DEFINITELY feeling tight today.

Today was supposed to be a shoulder day at the gym… side laterals, front raises, military presses, etc.

HA! No thanks. I think I will do mostly cardio with some push ups, pull ups, dips, and ab work. Yeehawwww.

Gym Pet Peeve: The Chatter

For some, going to the gym is a social hour. For me, the moment I put my headphones on, I am in the zone. I don’t mind exchanging a few words here and there but I can’t seem to get on the same level as the people that want to chat for 20 minutes. Half the time I want to sarcastically suggest that we skip out of there and grab a coffee so I can hear their life story instead of doing what I came to do. But I bite my tongue.


There is one person in particular that I think of in this case. He is a very sweet old man, but he will talk your ear off. It doesn’t matter if you are literally mid-lift with your music blasting, it’s story time.

I am sitting on a bench in between sets of chest presses when I see the culprit on the other side of the gym in the reflection of the mirror. I watch him spot me and I quickly avert my eyes in hopes of him realizing I was in the middle of something. But it is to no avail. He has found me and is rapidly making his way to the weight room, waving his arms frantically.

I lay back down on my bench and begin my next set.

Imagine this: I am laying on my back – about four lifts in, easing into my fifth – and he bends over my bench, hovering over my face with the biggest grin. I see his mouth moving quickly but can’t make out what he is saying because I have my headphones on (headphones: first sign that someone doesn’t want to talk). I squint my eyes in fear of sweat dripping onto my face, and remove just one ear bud.

He is firing off questions in a thick German accent…

Chatter: “Katie! Katie! It’s me! How AREEEE you? Were you here yesterday? How long have you been here today? Can you smell garlic on my breath?”

(yes, he has asked me that multiple times)…

Me: “Hi there. Yes, I was here yesterday… I saw you, remember?”

Chatter: “Oh, right right. So today I was in the locker room and these boys that must have been teenagers were shrieking and I was plugging my ears thinking, oh gosh, why must they do that…”

And it has begun.

As the chatter spends the next 15 minutes telling me about his day, what he ate, who he saw, and about his experience having a colonoscopy (yes… insert unamused face here), I find myself wondering if my workout would ever be finished. Did I look really welcoming or something? Maybe I need to work on that.

By the time he has finished detailing his life and telling me what parts of my body need work, I feel exhausted. I hadn’t even worked out yet! Do I start over at my first set of chest presses? Do I move on to the next exercise? I’ve lost my gym flow, my concentration is completely thrown.


The worst one was just a few weeks ago when I was on the final sprint of my run. Red-faced, wheezing and running as fast as I can… he saddles up at my side (like the folks to the left except I was not smiling in return) to tell me a story about his stomach ache from some bad milk that he drank…


I could never tell the chatter it is time to stop talking. I just don’t have the heart! He really is a sweet man and means well… it’s just that there are days when all I want to do is get my workout in and scoot on out of there. Sometimes you’ve just got to work off a hard day in peace!

MEXICO! Time to get my Ass in Gear!


Just booked a trip to Mexico in September!


Now, if I am going to look like these lovely ladies by the time I hit the sandy beaches of Tulum, I am going to have to REALLY get my ass in gear.

Having something to look forward to is very exciting! It will definitely be great motivation to work even harder at the gym, and eat cleaner! Time to kick it up a notch!

I think I can do it. I have three months! By then, I will be a little over six months into my fitness program. Based on how much I have accomplished since I began, it shouldn’t be too difficult… hopefully!


Right now I am still in weight-loss mode. However, I am not too far from toning mode! A few more  pounds and I think I will be in a good place.

I haven’t felt super comfortable in a bathing suit in quite some time. I don’t want to feel self-conscious, and I don’t want to be covering my stomach with a towel for the whole trip. I want to strut my stuff and be confident while doing it!

The goal is to look great and feel greater! Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

Sore: The Most Satisfying Feeling


I LOVE being sore. Really, I do.

I went on a long run on Sunday afternoon (after going to the gym.. go me!) and my whole lower half is still feeling it. I have exercised twice since then which only added to my soreness. It’s been great.

Being sore after a good workout is such a rewarding feeling. Not only do you know that you had a great workout sesh, but it’s a sure sign that your muscles are rebuilding and preparing themselves for another ass whoopin’!

Today will be a break day for me, after having exercised the past three days in a row. I will be back at it tomorrow through (hopefully) Saturday. Work has been absolutely nutso the past couple of weeks, with many late nights making it difficult to get a really great workout in, or get to the gym at all. I am looking forward to my schedule being back to normal!

Weight-loss: A Gradual Process


It’s been a little over 3 months since I began my new training program, and as you can see… I have had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, (Get it, Get it). In total, I am just under 18lbs lost.

The y-axis is pounds lost and the x-axis is my timeline. I have cropped out the first two numbers on the pounds side because I am weird about people knowing my actual weight. I tell myself that once I am at a number that I am comfortable with, I will be more open with that. Until then, I shall crop.

I have learned a lot. I have learned to be patient, I have learned to not obsess about the numbers on the scale, and I have learned the right ways and the wrong ways to lose weight and to get into shape.

When I first started, I would weigh myself every morning religiously. If I was up a pound or two, I would kick myself for it. It got tiring and frustrating because I would get absorbed in the numbers. Now, if I miss a day, I don’t sweat it because I know what counts is the end result and how I feel.

Patience is so important during a lifestyle change like this because there WILL be some “bad” days. What you have to focus on is looking forward to the good ones!