Stop When You’re Done

This past weekend was the first time that I skipped more than one day of exercise since I began my training. Boy, did I regret it.

I always workout 5 days a week, typically with a break on Wednesday and another on Sunday. Well, I was out of town for the long weekend and ended up going THREE whole days without exercise…

I thought I was going to have a meltdown.

A long weekend off may not sound too terrible to some, but for me it was awful. I felt disgusting and miserable by day 2, let alone day 3! My body has become so used to getting it’s fix of endorphins that having such a long “break” made me feel all sorts of wrong.

I was finally able to workout on Tuesday and let me tell you, it was MUCH needed. I probably skipped my way into the gym, knocking people out of my way as I headed toward the locker room.

However, my workout was BEYOND tiring and I think that it can be attributed to my inconsistency over the weekend. I did increase my weight on some of my lifts, but I do that often enough that I did not recognize this tired feeling as a result of that.

My workout consisted of front raises, the shoulder burner machine (I don’t know if that’s actually the name), side lateral raises, military presses, some ab workouts and a tough bike ride to cool down. The only change I had made was increasing my weight for the front raises. I had been doing them with 15lb dumbbells but decided to up it to a 25lb plate – a) more of a challenge, b) plates are more comfortable to hold for that lift.


Was it hard? Yes. Did I complete my sets? Yes. Did I want to quit? Absolutely. Overall, I felt weak and exhausted. Part of me did not want to even finish when I was halfway through my routine because I had this yucky, “you’re a bad girl for not working out all weekend” feeling.

Regardless, I pushed through until my whole workout was complete, rather than quitting when I initially wanted to.

Skipping a workout really is not worth it!

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