Let’s go to the gym and take pictures of ourselves!


Nothing drives me more crazy at the gym than people who are NOT there to workout, but to make sure that their friends know that they paid a visit.

I got to the gym on Monday evening, and blocking the entrance to the locker room was a teenage girl. She was dressed in skinny jeans, Timberland boots, a see-through lace tank top and ENORMOUS hoop earrings and was taking pictures of herself in the mirror. She didn’t bother to move out of the way when I entered, so I carefully eased myself by her to avoid a photo-bomb. Wouldn’t want to ruin her new Facebook profile picture.

A few minutes later I am on an elliptical warming up and I notice the same girl on one of the treadmills in front of me. She is walking – in the same outfit, boots and all – with her hands on her hips and making a kissy face over her shoulder. To her right is a girl in similar attire taking her picture. What?

I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing what I was seeing and realized that I was one of many people watching this ridiculousness. Who goes to the gym simply to take pictures of themselves “working out”..?

This goes on for a few minutes until all of a sudden, as she is popping her booty out and striking a pose, she goes FLYING off of the treadmill.

……….. I DIED. On the inside.

Sorry hunny, you deserved that one!!

10 thoughts on “Let’s go to the gym and take pictures of ourselves!

  1. Emily

    That’s hilarious! She flew off the treadmill?! Serves her right!

    I’m totally with you who goes to the gym to take pictures? That’s so bizarre!

  2. pnwrunner

    Working out in her regular clothes? That is impressive (sarcasm)…I agree I hate it when people go to the gym and basically just socialize and walk around doing nothing. Okay, yes walking is something but really?!

  3. tokyoflashfit

    Hahahaha!!!! Loved this!! There are plenty of picture-takers I. My gym but mainly people with a pump on or want a proper view of their back, no vanity about it in my eyes if they’re sweating and grunting!

  4. themovingmuncher

    Hehe too funny! The funniest gym-fail I have seen is a man running on a treadmill trying to check out a pretty girl sort of behind him on a bike (and going super fast to impress 😉 ) and he tripped up and ended up in a crumple in front of her (wasn’t hurt though cause that wouldn’t have been fun!). Luckily at my gym we don’t have people like that but I would definitely not be impressed. I hate bumping into people I know whilst working out – why would I want someone to see me all sweaty and gross?

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