New Headphones! Yurbuds Inspire for Women

I finally got new headphones!

Last week I was mid-run when suddenly… my headphones completely died out. Talk about terrible timing. I am one of those people that HAS to have music when I workout, or else I will be utterly miserable and lose motivation. The only exception is when I am working out with someone.

I had been using Skull Candy headphones for a while and at some point last week, one of the ear buds started fading in and out.  I dealt with it because hey, I could still hear the music in one ear and half the time I am removing one bud to talk to all the Chatty Cathys that frequent my gym. This lasted for a few days, until the funky one stopped working completely and the good one started being choppy. Then on Thursday, mid-workout of course, they completely died. I didn’t have them for too long either.

Two of my siblings had the same issues with this brand of headphone so I would advise against purchasing them!

I did a workout and a half with no music and that was enough for me to go crazy! SO, Saturday afternoon (after a kickass 6AM hike – productive!), I set off to Best Buy to buy some new gear. After much deliberation, I walked out with the beauties below:


I got Yurbuds Inspire for Women earphones. I have only used them once and already love them!

One issue that I seem to find myself having with earphones (including Skull Candy and the ones that come with iPods) are that they are too big and fall out of my ears – particularly when I am running. The Yurbuds that I purchased are designed specifically for use during exercise AND for women with this exact problem! They are smaller, and they “click” into your ears by rotating them in. First workout – no problems! They sound excellent too.

Now, it’s possible that I was just excited about a new product and may run into problems down the road, so if that is the case I will say so! But for now based off of my first impression, I would definitely suggest getting a pair!

7 thoughts on “New Headphones! Yurbuds Inspire for Women

  1. aregularcupofjo

    Must people won’t understand but I used to wrestle in high school. It messed my ears up a little,so if I ever use ear bud headphones they never fit in my ear because of my cauliflower. It is the most frustrating thing in the world so I know how important a good pair of headphones are for a workout.

  2. Michelle

    I shall have to check these out! I have the same problem with ear buds fitting into my ears and always get so frustrated. Thanks for sharing!

    – Michelle Raven

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