Color Me Rad 5k – Boston

20130425-101509.jpgThe Color Me Rad 5k is in Boston on July 27th and I am officially registered! I have not run a race in 6 years.


Check out the race page here, it looks like a lot of fun! You wear white and spectators throw paint on you as you run. By the time you hit the finish line you are multi-colored. Yay!

I have 3 months to get back into running shape. I’m excited to have something to train for!!

9 thoughts on “Color Me Rad 5k – Boston

  1. themovingmuncher

    That race looks beyond awesome, I wish they did something similar in the UK! I’ve never run a race but I bucked up the courage to sign up for a night 10k organised by Nike in May (who are promising lots of fun surprises, not sure it will surpass paint throwing though 😉 )

    Whilst the running has had its ups and downs (literally and metaphorically!), definitely feeling great now that I’m in the full swing of training 🙂 Good luck with yours and keep us updated!

      • themovingmuncher

        So if I look at my training plan, I’m now towards the end of week 6 to 8. Definitely overtrained at the beginning (we’re talking running about 6 times a week, not fun!) but now I’ve gotten into a much better swing of things – I tend to go alternate days so that I get some rest so it works out to be 3-4 times a week which works well for me 🙂

      • katiefoley11

        Awesome! Sounds like you have a good system going. I exercise often but haven’t gone out and run in such a long time.. I’m a little nervous! I hope I can ease back into it well like you! Alternating days definitely seems like a good call. Good way to avoid injury from over-training!

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