I love a challenge


Bike Challenge: 10 miles in 40 minutes (2.50 miles every 10 minutes)

Achieved: 10.88 miles in 40 minutes

My Monday workout was a little off today. Very off actually. What was supposed to be a hardcore leg day filled with squats, weighted step ups, wall planks and leg presses ended up being a little bit of arms and some cardio.

My knee has been bothering me since last week so my trainer advised me to take it easy to find out if it is actually injured or if it is just an unfamiliar soreness. So, rather than my badass leg workouts, I focused on my pull ups, dips and push ups. I was supposed to do abs but I barely did. Shhhh.

After that I had a stationary bike challenge which I beat! Still not on par with what I was able to do last summer, but getting there! I am hoping that we can add one day a week where I do a lot of cardio – a challenge ride preferably – rather than just a quick cool down. I made a point to take a photo of my progress every 10 minutes and every 2.50 miles to see if I was keeping pace. Halfway through my ride I was 3 minutes ahead of schedule which was exciting. However, I clearly didn’t keep that up since I only surpassed the goal by .88. I attempted HIIT  (High-intensity Interval Training), by alternating between a sprint for 5-10 minutes and riding at moderate pace for a few minutes. It kicked my butt!

Today was good. My ass is already sore. Success!

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