Ambitious Goals for April

nikegoals“Ambitious goals make for outstanding achievements.”

My trainer would like this. He is always telling me to aim high.

I have completed 6 weeks of my new health and fitness plan. Before I started I would hop on a stationary bike at the gym for 30 minutes to an hour depending on my mood, maybe do a weight machine or two, then head home. It felt like a decent enough workout, but “decent” wasn’t enough for the results I wished to see. Just a couple of months ago, when I would finish my ride… I knew I still had a little more in me but didn’t bother pushing myself to my limits. How can you wish for results that you aren’t working hard enough for?

Now I am doing things I never thought I would ever do and I am pushing myself to the point that I am running on fumes by the time I am ready for my cool-down. However, despite the fact that I am working out hard and eating better.. I still have my bad days. Sometimes I cringe and get discouraged when I look at the scale and see that I have gone up rather than down. I ask myself and my trainer why my weight stayed the same or why I weigh more when I feel like I am doing everything that I am supposed to be doing. I worry that I am looking at the scale a little too much, and being too much of a negative nancy when I have an off-day. It happens!


I try to remember to tell myself that time is my best friend, and that a positive mindset is JUST as important as a getting a good workout in and eating a well-balanced meal.

My goals this month:

1) To not get discouraged by a bad day or week – they happen, and the end result is what matters.

2) To leave the gym crawling after EVERY workout.

3) Get a friend or family member to accompany me to the gym at least 4-5 times during the month of April because working out with someone REALLY is better.

4) To not be neurotic in regards to the scale.

5) To remind myself that time is my friend, not my enemy.

6) To beat my personal record of 18.35 miles in an hour on the stationary bike.

Lastly, and most importantly…

7) To think BIG and achieve BIGGER results in the next 6 weeks.

After all, bikini season is coming fast!

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