Homemade Grilled Chicken Gyro

I am a fan of ordering a meal out just as much as the next person. But, after a while it becomes a little heavy on both the pocket and the waistline.

Right across the street from my workplace is the best little Greek restaurant, and my co-workers and I love to buy their gyros from time to time. Well, turns out that a lamb gyro with all of the toppings can amount to anywhere between about 420-560 calories alone depending on where you get it and how much “stuff” you put on it. While the toppings consist of mostly veggies, it’s the Tzatziki sauce that makes it the best… and possibly the worst. According to the MyFitnessPal calorie counter, one serving of Tzatziki sauce  can be anywhere from about 40-60 calories. So if you’re a into slathering on the sauce, this could add up!

Last night I decided to put on my Greek hat and try making my own gyros. Rather than using lamb, I grilled up some chicken and I made a homemade Tzatziki sauce. Let me tell you… to DIE for. I just finished eating leftovers for lunch as a matter of fact.


After doing a little research, I found that one white pita bread amounts to about 160-165 calories on it’s own. I bought Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat pitas which  only has 60 calories in each.

I sliced and marinated the chicken in a mixture of fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, just a sprinkling of seasoned salt and garlic garlic garlic (my fave).

While the chicken soaked up the yummy flavors I made the sauce using STRAINED low-fat plain Greek yogurt, shredded cucumbers, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, fresh dill, a tad of olive oil, a dash of cayenne pepper, some seasoned salt (or celery salt) and more garlic (yay!). This sat in the fridge while I cooked the chicken and heated the pitas.

Top your pita with chicken, fresh tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, red onion and some tzatziki sauce (go light on the sauce if you want to cut back on some calories) and voila! Totally filling, cheap and healthier than buying lunch! Homemade is the way to go.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Grilled Chicken Gyro

  1. Ware

    Seriously drooled as I read this blog lol. Great idea on choosing the really low calorie bread which makes a lot of difference!

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