Need some motivation?

Whenever I am in need of some fitness motivation… Pinterest is always to the rescue. All I have to do is look in the “Health & Fitness” category, see a board full of perfect abs and asses, and suddenly I am a body builder, no fitness challenge fazing me.


Today was a legs and butt day at the gym, and mine feel like they are burning off as I type. I question whether or not I will be able to walk to my car in the morning. “Hi boss, my ass is on fire, I need to use a sick day.”

Really though… squats and leg presses are my new best friends, and I live for the days that they are on my workout schedule. Today I did 5 sets of single leg presses,  5 sets of “sumo” squats with the free bar, weighted step-ups, 90 degree wall planks with lifts, seated calf raises and a quick 2.7 mile bike ride. I was able to do more  than anticipated, which is always a nice surprise. Especially when shortly after my sets, I watch a big guy struggle with less weight than I did. Hoorah!

PS, one day my ass will look like blondie’s.

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